Brooke Parmely, left, teaches the new transitional kindergarten class. She is assisted by para Erin Yandow. Read the story in this week's Citizen...(Continued)
Jesup Band: Front: Carter Routt, Rosalie Higgins, Kelly Kane, Hannah Bovy, Ivy Borneman, Haley Borland; Back: Stone Meyer, Dade Koeppel, Kaitlyn...(Continued)
Jesup Vocal Choir: Front: Allison Smith, Remi Mudderman, Rosalie Higgins, Cavanaugh Rottinghaus, Hannah Bovy; Middle: Maggie Conner, Kathryn Tomson,...(Continued)
Decorating the Boy Scouts Booth for their Christmas tree sales were Troop 95 members, left to right, Silas Wehrspann, Assistant Scoutmaster Christa...(Continued)