QC Supply partners with DeSousa Livestock
QC Supply has been providing goods for Midwest farmers since the company was formed in Nebraska in 1983. According to Regional Director Mitch Dingbaum, the company’s mission statement says it best: “To ensure the sustainability and livelihood of the American family farmer.” The retail store has 27 true locations in 14 states.

Tyler DeSousa has been “partnering” with QC Supply for 7-8 years, getting special order parts for the customers of DeSousa Livestock. His official partnership began with an open house October 1. The philosophy of a “partner store” is relatively new; DeSousa’s Jesup store is only the fourth for the company. Dingbaum is quick to say his company is not wanting to take away DeSousa’s client base, but to PARTNER with them in supporting the needs of the family farmer.

The new partner store is located at 411 Douglas, west of Spahn & Rose. It is just down the street from DeSousa’s original location at 841 Douglas Street.

The original location is still open, continuing to provide services for DeSousa Livestock customers. DeSousa wanted to open the partner store as another way of meeting his customer’s needs.

“Convenience drives sales,” he says.
QC Supply offers goods as diverse as clothing, medicines, and even turnkey buildings.

For more information about ways DeSousa Livestock and their QC Supply partner store can make things more convenient for your farming operation, check out their Facebook page or website, or stop in and visit with Kayla during their business hours, 8-4, Monday through Friday.
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