Retired FDNY Clancy pays tribute to the City of Jesup
I returned home to Tennessee yesterday after a long drive through our beautiful country.

The other FDNY firefighters and I said goodbye and thank you Saturday night at the pavilion. It was hard to talk loud enough over the music especially since my voice was already compromised. I regret I wasn't able to say thank you to many of the members of the Jesup fire dept, especially to Alan (Wright) and those who helped him.

My first event for the T2T foundation's 911 mobile exhibit was in 2017 to Jefferson and Independence Iowa. For the last five years I have heard how great the Jesup event was, how they welcomed the exhibit, the FDNY, and the Famers Day in general. Two weeks ago, LT. Steve Wall called the foundation and said he couldn't attend due to a family emergency. I was asked and fortunately I was available. I now realize why Jesup is special.

Even the pouring rain during the parade on Saturday the people of Jesup showed their true nature and character. They all came out to wave, clap and cheer. The attendance at the exhibit was also remarkable. We always had full groups and it was nonstop over the 3 days we were there. Many of those who visited the exhibit had tears in the eyes at some point but exited the exhibit smiling and uplifted after learning what the T2T foundation does.

The amount of detail in planning for Jesup Farmers Day we all realize takes months to plan. We could see the detail in all the flags, the layout of the events, rides and vendors, and the special location for the exhibit.

I hope Jesup reserves the exhibit again maybe making it every 3 or 4 years and I am part of it.

Thanks again Jesup,

Pat Clancy, FDNY, retired
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