Moving forward on drainage ditch project
The Jesup City Council made their choice of four options for re-working a drainage ditch in southeast Jesup that has caused intermittent back-ups and flooding problems in the area for years.

About ¾ of the affected property owners were present in person or via electronic means while the Council looked at four options ranging in cost from approximately $134,000 to $257,000. The Council’s choice was an option that included putting in a concrete base through the otherwise natural waterway which is at the south end of waterways which drain all the way to the north end of Jesup’s eastern boundaries.

Rough cost estimates for the chosen project will be about $215,000, and should provide the longest term solution for drainage in that area. The largest cost item in the “Preliminary Opinion of Probable Cost” was about $60,000 for 4” PCC pavement on 760 square yards of ditch bottom.

The project area runs from the intersection of Purdy and Ninth Streets to South Street. The approved project will include re-grading the ditch with a four-foot wide flat concrete bottom that is about 12 to 18 inches lower than the existing ditch bottom; grade the sides to match with the total distributed width of 20 feet; pour 4-foot wide concrete bottom; and seed the sides with grass.

Read the rest of the Council story in the Oct. 14 Citizen Herald.
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