Don Bosco baseball 4-1, softball 3-1
By Micah Knebel

Don Bosco closed out their first week of the season against Janesville on June 19.

Bosco was the first to score runs, landing three at the bottom of the fourth. Janesville countered with one run each in the fifth and sixth. Bosco sealed their victory in the sixth with four more runs, bringing the final score to 7-2. Runs were batted in by junior Cael Frost (two), senior Lewis Havel (one), junior Dillon Welter (one), and junior Cedric Yoder (one). Don Bosco threw five strikeouts.

Bosco vs. Dunkerton

The softball and baseball teams faced off against Dunkerton for the second time this season on June 23, once again earning two wins against the Raiders. In softball, Bosco finished ahead 12-6. Senior Kaylee Peters batted two runs in and scored three. She also hit two doubles. Fellow senior Kennedi Purdy also batted in two runs, one of which was a home run. She scored three runs.

In baseball, Don Bosco overwhelmed Dunkerton 11-1. Senior Mason Denton had the most hits with three and snagged one run, one RBI, and hit a double. Cael Frost scored two of the team’s runs. He batted in three runs, a double, and a triple. Frost also scored two runs. Sophomore pitcher Jack Purdy threw four strikeouts in three innings.

Bosco vs. Riceville

Bosco had another successful night on June 24. The Dons went 4-0 against Riceville in softball and 10-0 in baseball. Softball’s Kennedi Purdy hit a home run and batted in two runs. Freshman Caelor Yoder hit a double in her two hits.

In baseball, Don Bosco batted in six runs: two each from Lewis Havel and Dillon Welter and one each from senior Fischer Ohrt and junior Charlie Hogan. Havel also hit a double. Cael Frost stole two bases and earned three of the team’s 10 runs.
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