J-Hawk summer sports season in full swing
By Micah Knebel
Photos courtesy Rhonda Kayser

June 15 was a big day for Iowa as the state kicked off its return to high school sports. Iowa was the first state to bring back its high school baseball and softball teams after COVID-19 paused sports activities beginning in March.

Vs. Sumner-Fredericksburg

Jesup competed against Sumner-Fredericksburg opening day. The J-Hawk girls hit the field with a #6 preseason 2A ranking.

The girls walloped their North Iowa Cedar League rivals 12-0. Jenna Jensen had three hits, two runs, two RBIs, a double, and a triple. Alexis VanderWerff threw five strikeouts.

The boys fought a tougher battle against the Cougars. The teams were 1-1 at the close of the first inning. Jesup failed to score again until the fifth, bringing the score 4-7 in Sumner-Fredericksburg’s favor. Jesup landed a final run in the seventh to bring the final score to 5-7.

Brody Clark-Hurlbert led Jesup with two RBIs. Brodie Kresser threw four strikeouts.

Vs. Hudson

Jesup hosted its first home game on June 16. The girls led 1-0 Hudson 4-3 at the end of the first inning and then moved that to an 11-4 lead at the end of the second. They closed out the seventh inning with a final score of 16-4.

Alexis Larson led the team with five RBIs, followed by Jenna Jensen with three. Runs were scored by Zoe Miller (three), Jacie Lange (three), Kristin Sadler (two), Alexis Larson (two), Hailey Nie (two), Jenna Jensen (two), and Alexis VanderWerff (one).

The boys earned their first win with a 3-0 victory over Hudson. Runs were scored by Cole Oberbroeckling, Brody Clark-Hurlbert, and Brodie Kresser. Jase Pilcher, Clark-Hurlbert, and Oberbroeckling each had an RBI.

Vs. MFL-Mar-Mac

The boys played MFL-Mar-Mac on June 17. The Bulldogs held the lead 5-2 at the end of the first inning. Jesup scored eight more runs in an explosive third inning, which launched the team ahead 12-7. Jesup finished the game 17-11.

The team had 15 RBIs including three each from Gavin Nolan and Cole Oberbroeckling. Brodie Kresser hit two doubles. The J-Hawks threw nine strikeouts.

On June 18, the first rankings for the season came out. The J-Hawk softball team moved up to #5 in 2A.
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