Golf teams see signs of growth
The Jesup golfers were unable to meet this season. Prior to their first practice, the teams got the news that the season had been shut down due to the spread of Covid-19.

Both teams were coming off a 2018-2019 season of inexperience. Last year, the boys were golfing with only a year or two of experience. For the girls’ team, they had welcomed nine new golfers to the squad. This year, both teams were moving into the season with some more honed skills.

The boys’ team anticipated 17 golfers on the team this year, though 19 showed interest. “That would have been the largest squad in a number of years,” said head coach Tom Klein. Eight of those athletes were returning from the previous year.

For the girls’, thirteen golfers were on the list to compete this year, eight of them returning from the previous year and five more as new members to the team. Seniors Grace Distler and Brianna Lingenfelter were among those athletes set to compete.

Head coach Michelle Klein said she had high hopes for her girls’ team. “I was looking forward to what the team was going to accomplish this year with four returning letter winners and four golfers who got their first taste of the sport last year,” she said. “They had lots of enthusiasm and support for one another.”

The girls’ coach said she’s been reaching out to the players at least once a week to offer encouragement. “Mainly,” she said, “to encourage them to stay connected with each other, to get outside and play golf whenever they can, and to stick to the instruction their teachers are working to provide them with.”

Tom Klein kept an open group text with his boys as a way to check in on them, share information about the season, and provide a way to reach out if there were any questions. He is looking forward to next season with the team and getting back on the course.

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