Jesup cheer team places third at State competition
By Sierra Siems

“It was something that the Jesup Cheer team never dreamed of,” said Coach Sarah Nolan who led the team to a 3rd place finish at the ICCA State Cheerleading Competition. This was Nolan’s first trip to State with her team.

Led out of Jesup by a fire truck escort, Coach Nolan and the Jesup competition cheer team departed for Des Moines to compete on Saturday, Nov. 2. The team received a lot of support from the community throughout the season.

The team began preparing in July.
“The hardest part was probably the early mornings,” said Kinzey Parton.
They started as a group of 15 girls but ended with a group of 13. Before the competition, while other teams were busy cleaning up their routines, the 13 Jesup girls and Coach Nolan were coming up with new formations and stunt groups.

“One of the hardest parts was choreographing the routine and then having to change it twice, but the girls adjusted well,” said Coach Nolan.

On the morning of the competition, the girls were up by 5 a.m. The hotel rooms were filled with the chaos of hair and makeup. Once ready, they packed everything into the vans and made their way to the fairgrounds.

Nolan said, “It has always been a dream of mine to go to State.”
Before and after competing, the Jesup team watched their opponents perform.

Thirteen teams competed, including the top five teams from last year.
Then came time for the awards ceremony.

Jordyn Ruroden said, “My favorite memory of the season was hearing Jesup called for 3rd place.”

Gracie Joblinske said, “Some of our classmates didn’t support us. I used this as fuel to do the best that I could do at the competition.” She also said, “I will join the team next year because I love the bonds and friendships that are created by being on this team.”

Rachel Clayberg said, “Getting third was something that I did not think would happen, and since it has, I’m already thinking bigger for next year.”
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