Jesup girls finish regular season 26-9
It was an exciting night of softball on July 1. 2A #4-ranked Jesup took on 3A #5-ranked Columbus in a North Iowa Cedar League double-header matchup at home.

In the first game, Columbus scored two runs at the top of the first inning. Jesup answered with one. Neither team was able to score again until the fourth where Jesup landed one more run before Columbus could rally for another two by the close of the sixth, taking the win 4-2.

Jesup’s runs were scored by Zoe Miller and Alexis VanderWerff and were batted in as doubles by Kristin Sadler and Breanne Fischels.

In the second game, Jesup was only able to land four hits to Columbus’ 12. Columbus soared ahead of their rivals 8-0 in the seven-inning game.

Against Springville

Jesup scored an 11-5 victory against Springville at the July 3 away game.

Jesup’s runs were scored by Zoe Miller (two), Alexus Jensen (two), Jacie Lange (two), Kristin Sadler (one), Breanne Fischels (one), Alexis Larson (one), Hailey Nie (one), and Jacie Lange (one). Alexus Jensen and Rhianna Bigwood each had three RBIs.

Against North Fayette Valley

Jesup had a close game against North Fayette Valley on July 5. Jesup earned four runs at the top of the first inning and another in the second before North Fayette Valley changed the trajectory of the game and scored its own six runs at the bottom of the second. Jesup scored two in the third to take a one-point lead, and the teams battled back and fourth in the next three inning with North Fayette tying the game twice. Jesup was able to land the final run in the seventh to take the win 9-8.

Zoe Miller, Hailey Nie, and Alexis Vanderwerff each scored two runs. Jenna Jensen, Krsitin Sadler, and Alexis Larson scored one run. Alexis Larson led the team with three RBIs.
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