Mother Nature lets up
Mother nature let up enough to allow the Jesup one more meet before their conference race on Oct. 11.

The varsity girls finished seventh out of 18 teams on the muddy North Linn course on Oct. 6. A total of 131 runners competed in the race.

Amanda Treptow finished in 20th at 21:12.2 followed by Emily Treptow in 21st at 21:14.9, Natalie O’Connor in 26th at 21:42.4, Alexis Vanderwerf in 59th at 22:45.0, Grace Thompson in 72nd at 23:00.6, Mara Moore in 74th at 23:04.0, and Marlee Devore in 78th at 23:11.0.

The varsity boys finished 13th out of 19 teams and competed among 145 runners.

Brady Wilson was the first J-Hawk to finish the race, placing 48th at 18:47.6. Zach Tovar finished 49th at 18:50.2, Logan Zuck in 80th at 19:32.6, Kile Rottinghaus in 93rd at 19:44.3, Cade Nolan in 97th at 19:49.7, Heath Wyant in 109th at 20:18.2, and Jared Thoma in 110th at 20:21.0.
The JV girls finished fifth out of 10 teams. There were 101 runners who competed in their race.

Camrin Moore finished in 21st at 25:32.0. Sydney Thoma was just behind and finished in 22nd at 25:33.6, followed by Madde Tomson in 45th at 26:54.8, Bailey Federspiel in 55th at 27:23.2 Hailey Davis in 61st at 27:56.8, Sam Yexley in 75th at 29:08.1, Noa Marting in 77th at 29:15.1, and Chloe Hartley in 100th at 38:34.

The JV boys finished tenth out of 14 teams with 147 runners competing.

Nolan Evans finished 38th at 20:52.9, Dawson Dykes in 68th at 21:58.8 (a new personal record), Silas Wehrspan in 87th at 22:32.0, Carter Even in 88th at 22:33.7, Jack Thoma in 101st in 23:14.9, Jarrett Ciesielski in 109th at 23:45.3, Brett Studebaker in 110th at 23:54.6, Jaryd Benson in 11th at 23:58.3, Cameron Troyer in 134th at 27:24.1, and Cole Bucknell in 146th at 31:25.4.

The junior high girls finished seventh out of nine teams with 121 runners at the meet.

Clare Wright finished 11th at 14:25.3, setting a new personal record. McKenna Albert finished in 36th at 16:02.0, Katie Clark in 66th at 17:04.3, Camille Thorson in 68th at 17:07.3, Hannah Marting in 93rd at 18:05.1, Natalie Trumbauer in 98th at 18:26.0, and Cavanaugh Rottinghaus in 111th at 19:42.6.

The junior high boys finished eighth out of 10 teams and 126 runners.

Kyle Wilson finished in 20th at 13:15.6, Kaleb Zuck in 32nd at 13:43.5, Ayden Gonzalez in 40th at 14:00.4, Alan Shaffer in 50th at 14:19.9, and Rylan Bahe in 107th at 17:27.6. Wilson, Zuck, Gonzalez, and Shaffer each set new personal records.

Jesup will compete at Dike-New Hartford on Thursday, Oct. 11. This will be a junior high and high school meet.
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