‘... entering the mission field’
By Cheryl Parker

Every time Shelli Pint leaves church, she is struck by the words over the exit “You Are Now Entering the Mission Field.” It is not enough just to know the story, she says. The Bible preaches we can’t keep God to ourselves – we have to share the Good News. She points to one of her favorite Bible verses from James, Chapter 2 verse 26: “For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead.”

Carley Pint, a 2018 Jesup High School graduate, shares the same desire to serve. She lives at Friendship Village in Waterloo, where she works as a CNA while attending Hawkeye Community College. The classes she is taking there are prerequisites for the BSN degree from Allen College of Nursing. Carley is the daughter of Shelli and Todd Pint of Jesup.

Mother and daughter knew they wanted to do a mission together, so when the opportunity to serve at Viviendo Una Vidas sin Fronteras, in Guadalajara, MX, presented itself, they were ready to go. The congregation at Jesup Bible Fellowship is familiar with this mission because they provided financial support to missionaries serving there, until those missionaries retired. The mission is a Bible School for disabled, usually nonverbal, children. Their job: love unconditionally.

This region of Mexico has a very small Christian population. Their society tells these mothers, “God is angry with you – and has punished you by giving you a disabled child.” While Shelli and Carley worked with, played with and loved the children, missionaries were preaching to the mothers, “God is not angry with you. God loves you and your very special children.”

While in Guadalajara, Shelli and Carley visited an orphanage for severely handicapped adults. There are men’s dorms and women’s dorms. Shelli and Carley visited a dorm with men ranging in age from around 16 to mid-30s. All the men are bedbound, and nourished though feeding tubes. The amazing thing about this facility is that it is 100% supported by volunteer donations.

The short amount of time when Shelli and Carley were not working with the children, they were involved in team meetings where they discussed how the day went and how things can be made better.

“It was very inspiring,” says Shelli, “and I know Carley and I want to return to Guadalajara, or serve at a different location.”

One mission they are hoping to serve on a future trip is Shepherd’s College in Union Grove, Wisconsin, which helps adults with disabilities transition into independent living.
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