Council considering expanded routes for ATVs, UTVs in Jesup
By Kim Edward Adams

The Jesup City Council approved a resolution opening up additional routes in town for the use of ATVs and UTVs. The council planned to meet Monday, July 9 in a work session to discuss options for an ordinance change that has been requested by a group of residents.

What’s been changed – and was scheduled to take effect following the Jesup Farmers Day celebration, when the resolution was to be signed by Mayor Larry Thompson – is that ATV and UTV owners will be allowed to drive their vehicles in the most direct route from their residence to the previously established routes in and out of town.

Previously ATV and UTV owners had to trailer their vehicles to and from the established routes in order to get them home.

All Terrain Vehicles and Utility Task Vehicles are two classes of vehicles that sit between two-wheeled motorcycles and 4-wheeled autos and trucks. ATVs are more like motorcycles, with the driver sitting atop the vehicle and steering with steering handles similar to a motorcycle. ATVs typically have 3 or even 4 wheels. UTVs, generally have 4 wheels, and are driven with a wheel more like a car or truck. UTVs often typically include a roll bar cage, side-by-side seating for two, four or six, and can have seat-belts. They may also include head and tail-lights and turn signals. These vehicles are typically gas powered and are capable of greater speeds than golf cart-type vehicles, which are allowed on streets throughout town.

The established routes for ATV-UTV vehicles through town include: 220th Street, or South Street all the way through town east and west. 220th Street or South Street North on Carter Ave past 210th Street, or North Street. There is also another route from 220th Street North on Sixth Street to Young Street, then east on Young Street for four blocks to Tenth Street, then North one block on Tenth Street to Hawley Street, then east on 215th Street to Carter Ave.

One option the council is looking at, is opening all streets to ATVs and UTVs, similar to the golf cart ordinance.

The council’s next regular meeting will be Tuesday, July 17 at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall.
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