Father - Daughter Look Alike Contest 2011

Here are all 14 entries in the 2011 Father/Daughter Look-Alike Contest. Winners were Steve & Rhianna Bigwood! Congratulations! They've won a lot of great prizes. Thank you to the contest sponsors for providing the gifts.

WINNERS! -Steve and Rhianna Bigwood


Dave and Maicey Woodward


Cyle Schmit and Brandy Fuller


Ben and Lauren Riensche


Bryce and Madison Rasmusson


Matt and Cecelia Mensching


Lyle and Elise McIntosh


Kurtis and Ariyanna Marks


Dale and Kelly Mangrich


Terry and Ash lynn Frush


Darren and Sidney Engbretson


Rusty and Taylor Boies


Terry and Callie Bemgston


Anthony and Laniey Bahe