Girls’ volleyball starts out season 3-1
By Kim Edward Adams

Jesup’s volleyball team, ranked 8th in the state in pre-season, started the year with 3 wins out of 4 contests at the Dyersville tourney at Cascade August 26.

The J-Hawks first beat Dubuque Senior in two sets, 21-15 and 21-6.

Sydney Andrews had six successful serves, including three aces; Jaima Tonne had 11 of 11 successful serves, with two aces; Andrea Gibbs had two of three successful services, one an ace; Riley Mihm had eight of eight successful serves. Hannah Mihm had 12 attack attempts, four kills and four blocks. Laken Borrett had 7 attack attempts, a block, and served three of four successfully. Andrews also had six attacks including three kills and 7 blocks. Alexus Jensen had 7 attacks with 3 kills. Tonne also had five attacks, 3 kills and 10 assists, with two blocks.

Jesup then overwhelmed North Linn in two sets, 21-8 and 21-9.

Sydney Andrews had five of ten successful serves, four of them aces. She also had 3 attacks, including one kill. Jaima Tonne had three of six successful serves, all of them aces. She also had one attack, with a kill and eight assists. Laken Borrett had three of seven successful serves with two aces. She also had 7 attacks, two kills, and the team’s only recorded block for that game. Andrea Gibbs had two of three successful serves, with one ace. Hannah Mihm had seven attacks with six kills. Riley Mihm had 3 of 3 successful serves, as did Karson Schaufenbuel.

Monticello was the first team to show the J-Hawks some competition. Monticello won the first set 21-15; and the second set 24-22.
Everyone on the varsity roster added to the team’s statistical totals in these two sets.

Sydney Andrews went four for four in serves with one ace. She also had 14 attacks with six kills. Laken Borrett made the only other ace for Jesup, going four for five in serves. Laken had five attacks, two kills and a block. Alexus Jensen was active with 16 attacks, five kills and six digs. Jaima Tonne had 20 assists, five blocks, ten attacks with four kills, plus she went 4 for 4 serving. Hannah Mihm had nine attacks with four kills, plus a block. Riley Mihm had two attacks with one kill, ten digs and went four for five serving. Andrea Gibbs was ten for ten serving, had 7 digs, one attack with a kill. Kelsi Brown had 3 attacks, two digs, a block and went 3 for 3 serving. Rhianna Bigwood had 3 blocks, six attacks with two kills. Karson Schaufenbuel had four digs and was 2 for 2 serving. Zoe Miller had four digs and one attack.

Jesup finished the tournament with three back and forth sets against host Dyersville Beckman. Jesup won the first set 21-7; lost the second, 21-11; and pulled off the final victory with a 15-10 score.

With just one ace serve, the J-Hawks relied on 18 kills out of 44 attacks to score points.

Sydney Andrews was six for seven serving, with that one ace. She also had two blocks, eight attacks with five kills and four digs. Kenedy Backes had one dig. Rhianna Bigwood had 3 attacks and was one for one serving. Laken Borrett was four for five serving, had one block, a dig, five attacks and two kills. Kelsi Brown had three blocks, three attacks and two kills. Andrea Gibbs had an attack, three digs and was 3 for 3 serving. Alexis Harris had one attack, a dig, and was 2 for 2 serving. Alexus Jensen had two blocks, a dig, three attacks and a kill. Jenna Jensen was one for one serving. Hannah Mihm had 15 attacks, five kills, a dig and three blocks. Riley Mihm had six digs and was three for four serving. Zoe Miller had six digs. Karson Schaufenbuel had one attack, four digs and was five for five serving. Jaima Tonne had four attacks with 3 kills, 15 assists, two digs, 3 blocks and was six for seven serving.

Jesup’s next scheduled games were August 29 at Clayton Ridge; their first home game against Denver on August 31; a Sept. 5 contest at Sumner-Fredericksburg. Looking ahead, they play at Starmont Thursday, Sept. 7; and host their own tournament Saturday, Sept. 9.
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